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Research Based Natural Medicines

Emerson Ecologics is a distributor of PROFESSIONAL quality supplements. When you are looking for natural products that are backed by product specific scientific research, turn to Emerson Ecologics. Click on the link below to order recommended supplements directly from Emerson Ecologics website. Each company will drop ship the products directly to you.  They require a healthcare professional’s referral. As a client of Julie’s, you may order through her. By ordering through this link you will receive a 10% discount off MSRP.


This is the process for Client-Direct ordering:


1. Get the professional access code from Julie

2. Simply click here, enter my professional access code

3. Enter your information requested

4. Set up password

5. Create your own account using referral postal code of 40071

6. Enter my access code (which I provide to you)

7. Shop for recommended items

8. Enter your shipping and billing information

9. Submit your order.  It’s that easy. Now each time you need something, you just log in and order. It will save your previous orders to save you time or you can create a new order. Emerson also offers recurrent shipping so that your standard order is automatically shipped to you each month.


Julie Alles, RD,LD,CLT

Certified Food Sensitivity Specialist

Integrative and Functional Nutritional Medicine

Specializing in Inflammatory and Gastrointestinal Disease

Click here to e-mail me.