How to Pass a Polygraph Test (Lie Detector Test)

Like most people, when you lie, your heart beats faster, I can even make you pant. It increases your blood pressure and can even make you sweat. A short, a lie detector test, aka a polygraph test detects these lies by tracking and showing the changes based on your physiological changes.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, it is possible to beat the lie detector test uk machines by lying with your body and also with your words.

If you are subject to a lie detector test, they have to first register your baseline of your vital signs. The examiner will then try and trick you into lying by asking several control questions that are not likely to be related to anything about the main reason for carrying out the polygraph test. Most examinees will answer no to questions like “have you got out of trouble by lying” etc. as you’ll be trying to come across as honest, but the examiner will assume that one of the control question answers will actually be a yes. When you tell a white lie, it will show a physiological change that the machine will measure and the examiner can note.

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